More bang for your buck: Top #10 underrated Hotels

What is this Page about? Well, a lot of people use the internet to book hotels. To book an accommodation in a restaurant for the next weekend or a family holiday is now possible by mouse click or app.

It almost seems that long-established travel agencies have moved more and more into the background lately, when it comes to get a bargain price for the beloved holiday.

I can judge badly whether this is actually the case, however, would like to list here times some examples HOW one can proceed perhaps in order to obtain the best possible price at its desire journey time.

Check out my personal Top #10 List of underrated Hotels with an incredible price-performance ratio:

HotelAdressBewertung24h receptionFree Wi-FiPoolBook
99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester M16 0SZ
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Via Annunziatella, 46, 84011 Amalfi SA
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Lichttoren 22, 5611 BJ Eindhoven
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Chaussée du Pont du Sart 238, 7110 La Louvière
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Via Capo, 118, 80067 Sorrento NA
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De Holle Bilt 1, 3732 HM De Bilt
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Perivolas, Thira 847 02
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Smith Haut-Lafitte, 33650 Martillac
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Carrer del Pla de la Torre, s/n, 08398 Santa Susanna, Barcelona
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Aleea Mihai Eminescu 1, Sibiu 550370
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Foru more Tips to safe real mony on Bookings.

Catalogue bookings or via Internet

For expensive locations, such as Key West, San Francisco, New York or similar, it CAN also be very helpful to book through one of the major German catalog providers. For example, I couldn’t find a single hotel below 149€/night on the internet for Key West at that time. If you look at the homepage of Thomas Cook, you can book the Blue Marlin (which is at the end of Duval Street) for 49€/person and night. An amazing saving of about 50€ compared to the best internet price.

So even THIS is still possible today! You just have to search a bit – and be a little flexible in planning, which seems to be advisable in general. Which brings us to the next point …

Flexibility in planning

If you compare for example the prices in Las Vegas for rooms on weekends and during the week, you will notice quite fast that it is more expensive on a weekend DEUTELY *wink* Such places there are many. Starting from Moab over Page up to San Francisco or New York. If you push back and forth for a few days within your means, so that expensive accommodations do not fall on a weekend, you will often be amazed at the savings. By the way, the same is also true for the flight booking.

Cancellable security bookings

with the option to find something even cheaper. A variant that has meanwhile become very popular with me personally is a plan that focuses completely on cancellable accommodations. This has several advantages: On the one hand, such a tariff charges the credit card only at check-in and not immediately at booking. On the other hand, one keeps the possibility open until the start of the journey to look for possibly better alternatives (be it in the price of the location or generally in the choice of accommodation).

Then, roughly every one to two weeks, I briefly check the places where an overnight stay is planned and check whether, for example, the price for the currently reserved hotel has changed positively. Or maybe even a completely different accommodation is suddenly more interesting in terms of price and would therefore rather come into question. At the first Solo-Island Trip 2014 I was able to save 150€ compared to the very first planning.

Contact hotels directly

When booking accommodation in Iceland, I noticed that it can be useful to contact them directly via the mail address which is given on the respective homepage. So I was offered a discount of 10% on the normal price of two farms by early bookings alone, if I book via the homepage of the accommodation. The reason is obvious: If an accommodation is booked via a booking portal, it has to pay a commission for the mediation. However, if I book directly with the accommodation, this fee does not apply.

Thus, the hotel can save a little and pass on this saving partly to the end customer. A win-win situation so to speak. Of course, not everyone does that, but inquiries cost nothing.